Fachmetall - Spezialisiert in Pulvermetallurgie

FACHMETALL offers you comprehensive knowledge about metals, metal properties and related application opportunities.

We support you in practical and theoretical ways of looking at technical problems based on materials science and testing.

FACHMETALL is approaching your problem as generally as possible and as specifically as necessary. We continuously extend our scope of investigation through cooperation with independent specialists, institutions and industrial companies in order to find efficient solutions for you.

The most important policy of our operation is to accomplish service orders with utmost accuracy and reliability. All orders are treated with equal attention regardless of the amount of work or emphasis of activity.
FACHMETALL is independent, always acts responsibly and is committed only to the customer.
Confidentiality of customers and projects is taken for granted just as much as efficient action in the interest of our clients.

The following pages provide you with an overview of our business activities. If you should not find your topic or require further information, do not hesitate to give us a phone call.
The best source of information is still the direct dialogue.

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