Fachmetall - Spezialisiert in Pulvermetallurgie


Inspection, sorting and refining

FACHMETALL is not just the best partner for testing and evaluation of sample components, but also provides support for necessary reworking and refining of your products.
Inspection and sorting work is performed on the basis of laboratory scale methods.

  • microscopic investigation
  • physical testing
    • hardness
    • density
    • composition
    • strength testing, etc.
Our services for reworking and refining include for example:
  • dimensional
    • modification of individual characteristics by straightening (sizing)
  • strength/hardness tuning by heat treatment
  • remove grease and rust, impregnation treatment
  • pickling, passivation and etch labelling
FACHMETALL also offers the option of immediately reviewing the processing steps carried out and determine the processing parameters individually as appropriate. Documentation of sorting and reworking procedures is standard and can be extended to individual documentation on customer request.