Fachmetall - Spezialisiert in Pulvermetallurgie

Materials testing laboratory

We perform metallographic and microscopic investigations in our materials testing laboratory. Physical testing is part of our operations as well as non-destructive testing.
Many test procedures can be executed at your facilities on site. Complaints and failure analyses usually have to be completed under extreme time pressure. We support you with our flexibility that allows us to deliver in the shortest possible time.
Highly qualified personnel, controlled testing equipment and standardized tests are applied to deliver precise and reproducible results. In addition to our investigations using destructive and non-destructive test methods we organise quality control and sorting procedures if required. Regardless of the objective, testing the quality of heat treatment or physical characteristics of a component, we provide answers and not just numerical values.

Some examples of our test program

Hardness testing

  • all commonly used test methods (mobile and stationary)

Macroscopy and microscopy

  • documentation
  • fracture analysis
  • surface characerization
  • failure analysis
  • metal microstructure
  • coating thickness

Physical testing

  • gravimetry
  • density measurement
  • temperature
  • radiation

Mechanical testing

  • strength testing according to standards or customer specification

Analytics & environment

  • metals, residues, pollutants
  • water and soil analysis
  • household poisons such as mouldiness, mites, formaldehyde, solvents, etc.

Non-destructive testing

  • ultrasonic crack testing
  • acoustic analysis of defects
  • radiographic density measurement
  • chemical analysis of metals